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Do I need an appointment?

Yes, all our services are only available after having taken an appointment in advance.

In particular, for the application of passports and identity cards, your identity must be verified. This is not possible by postal means. You are therefore requested to book an appointment online as soon as possible before the expiry date of your identity document.

Please note that a separate appointment must be booked for each applicant.

Canceled appointments will be released again immediately. It is therefore worthwhile to regularly check the appointment booking system for an earlier free appointment.

Please note that the dates shown online are the only and earliest possible dates. Therefore, please refrain from contacting us regarding earlier dates.

Unfortunately, there are currently no more appointments available for passport and/or ID card applications until the end of the year. Appointments for 2022 will be released after Christmas. Since we frequently have last minute cancellations, please check our booking system regularly.

Appointment booking online :