Passport fees / Duration

Fees for passport and ID card matters (valid from 11.04.2024)

The fees are based on the Passport Ordinance or the Identity Card and eID Fee Ordinance. A foreign surcharge is always payable when passports and ID cards are issued abroad.

The exchange rate-dependent fees must be paid when the application is submitted, in cash in Swiss francs at the current exchange rate.

We accept debit or Postcard at our office in Geneva.

Cash payment in euros is not possible.

When applying through an office of the Honorary Consuls, there is an additional processing fee of CHF 82, and CHF 21 for further applications from the same person.

Passport (biometric, from 6 years with fingerprint)

for persons under 24 years of age, valid for 6 years CHF 67,–
from the age of 24 years, valid for 10 years CHF 99,–

Identity card
(biometric, from the age of 6 with fingerprint)

for persons under 24 years of age, valid for
6 years
 CHF 52,–
from the age of 24 years, valid for 10 years CHF 66,–

Temporary passport (machine-readable, without fingerprint)

only in emergencies, valid for one year and only in combination with biometric passport CHF 69,–

The regular passport can also be applied for using the express procedure, provided that no additional documents are required, or legal issues need to be clarified. The express surcharge is CHF 32.

If you are not officially resident in Switzerland (i.e. you are still resident in Germany or a third country), a surcharge of up to CHF 69 will be payable.

After completion, the identity document will be sent to you. In addition to the passport/ID card fee, expenses of CHF 4.00 are incurred, or CHF 5.00 via an office of an honorary consul.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland provides an overview of all passport and ID card fees.

You can keep your current ID until the new one is ready. As soon as the new identification document is ready, the German embassy in Bern will ask you either by email or post to send your current identification document to the embassy in Bern. A few days later you will receive both the new identification document and the previous one (canceled) by post.