German passport office in Geneva


Processing time for passports

Please note that, until 11 October 2019, we can only accept duly completed applications due to a system changeover.

Due to the large number of applications, it currently takes 10 to 12 weeks to process a passport application starting from the date we receive the full and complete dossier.

Passport applications

Reisepass The following passport applications can be submitted at the Office of the Honorary Consul in Geneva:
Biometric passports
Passports for children

Children up to 12 years of age can either be issued a worldwide valid biometric passport or a passport for children which is not universally accepted by all countries. For further information please refer to `Einreisebestimmungen´ - Federal Foreign Office (available in German only). Please note that a passport for children is only valid until the age of 12.

The Office of the Honorary Consul in Geneva cannot process requests for:
ID card applications
applications for temporary passports, business passports or diplomatic passports
These requests are handled exclusively by the passport division of the German Embassy in Bern which we kindly ask you to contact directly (

 Express passport applications take about 4 weeks. An additional fee will be charged for this service.

Address changes in existing passports can be registered by post at the Embassy in Bern. Please refer to the relevant information sheet and fill out the address change application form. 

A passport application can only be made by appointment and the applicant must appear in person.

Please ensure that you bring all the necessary documents along for your appointment. Certificates must be supplied both in original and in copy — please refer to: Checklist for passport application (adults) / Checklist for passport (minors).
If the documentation is incomplete you may have to schedule a new appointment.

Did your name change because of a marriage or a divorce? Prior to your appointment, we kindly ask you to call us in order to clarify whether a “name declaration” is required. A “name declaration” may, among others, be necessary in the event of:
a marriage in Switzerland before 1st January 2013;
keeping a double surname after a marriage in Switzerland;
a divorce.

In certain cases a "name declaration" may also be required if the marriage took place outside of Germany and both partners kept their names, in particular when the family name of a child under the German naming law needs to be verified.

"Name declarations"  cannot be made  at the Office of the Honorary Consul in Geneva. Please contact the German Embassy in Bern (


Passport photos

PassschabloneA photo booth is available on our premises for taking pictures (CHF 10.— for 5 passport pictures) meeting the standards for German biometric passports. This machine is not suitable for taking pictures of either small children or babies.
We recommend you visit a professional photographer for pictures meeting the standards for German biometric passports of children and/or infants.
One picture complying with the standards for German biometric passports is needed for each application.
Swiss formats cannot be used.


The rates below may vary slightly depending on currency conversion and cannot be guaranteed:
CHF 155 .—
CHF 127 .—
CHF 89 .—
Passport for citizens aged 24 years and over
Passport for citizens aged under 24 years
Child's passport
MaestroThe fees can be settled either cash in Swiss francs or by Maestro-card.